March 21, 2019

Lots of updates!  First, two new papers out from the lab – Lur et al. (PLoS One) demonstrates that ketamine administration disrupts the normal neuromodulation of synaptic inputs to cortical neurons and Chiu et al. (Nature Reviews Neuroscience) presents a detailed overview of long-term GABAergic plasticity!  In addition, we have two new postdocs!  Hadas Benisty is a mathematician looking at novel analyses for in vivo 2-photon and mesoscopic imaging data.  Andrew Moberly (a joint postdoc with the Cardin Lab) is investigating the role of visual cortex in behavior.  Welcome!!


August 29, 2018

More new faces!  Welcome to our newest postdoc, Dr. Nour Al-muhtasib, from Stefano Vicini’s lab at Georgetown.  Nour is looking into the modulation of GABAergic inhibition across development in the mouse neocortex.  In addition, we are joined by Peter Niesman, a first-year grad student in the Yale Interdepartmental Neuroscience Program.  Peter is going to investigate the dynamics of cortical activity in mouse models of autism using mesoscopic calcium imaging.


June 22, 2018

Awesome dinner out with the lab!  So much food!!


May 14, 2018

New faces in the lab!

We’d love to welcome our new INP rotation student, Kathy Zhang, to the lab!  Kathy is particularly interested in state-dependent modulation of cortical circuits and will be carrying out a project imaging V1 activity in awake behaving mice.  In addition, we will have a number of Yale undergrads working with us this summer, Natasha Zaliznyak, Chika Ogbejesi, Dawit Mengesha, and Martina Hollearn.  Shaping up to be a great summer!


April 30, 2018

Just got back from an awesome retreat for the Yale Department of Neuroscience at Jiminy Peak, MA! Great talks and a lot of fun had by all.  Thanks to Alka for another bottle of famous Polish vodka!  Here is a group pic of the current Higley and Cardin labs.


April 23, 2018

We’d like to welcome Dr. Jyoti Gupta, our newest postdoc, to the lab!  Jyoti did her graduate work with Dr. Jan Nagele at Wesleyan.  She will be studying the function of excitatory inputs to GABAergic interneurons in the mouse cortex.


January 19, 2018

Our latest work describing long-term plasticity at GABAergic synapses is now out at Neuron.  This great work from former postdoc Chiayu Chiu shows that activation of NMDA-type glutamate receptors produces a long-term potentiation of inhibitory inputs arising from SOM-INs.  Surprisingly, synapses from PV- and VIP-INs do not exhibit this plasticity.  Our results suggest this difference is due to a diversity of postsynaptic molecular composition across somatic and dendritic GABAergic inputs.  Thanks also to great collaborative effort from my colleagues Susumu Tomita at Yale and Steve Tavalin at U. Tennessee!


June 8, 2017

We are sad to say goodbye to postdoc Dr. Gyorgy Lur, who is starting his own group at the University of California, Irvine this summer.  Gyuri made fundamental contributions to the lab’s work understanding the regulation of synaptic transmission down to the level of single dendritic spines before branching out to pioneer our in vivo studies of mouse visual cortex.  We wish him all the best in his new endeavor!